Two Lane Cricket Training Facility, WACA Perth Australia

Client: Western Australia Cricket Association and Cricket Australia
Job Type: Two lane facility
Timeframe: Eight weeks

There was an area of wasted space that contained some old industrial bins and containers next to the WACA Cricket Stadium in Perth. Working together with the Western Australia Cricket Association the team at Gabba Sporting transformed this space into something useful by designing and installing a 2 lane cricket facility.

The original plan was to construct the facility using pier footings to support the poles. However, the whole area is located few hundred metres from the Swan River and so during development it was discovered that one metre under the surface was river sand and water. With the river water so close to the surface there was no engineering capacity or strength to hold the pier footings in place. Instead we overcame this issue by designing and creating a self supporting slab with thickenings all the way through, which would sit on top of the sands with the weight spread evenly through out.

The soil from the site also contained a lot of waste left over from the industrial bins and containers such as broken glass. After excavating all this for the project we needed to dispose of this safety and took it too a dump that specialised in those materials.

Despite the obstacles the project was completed successfully and on time over a period of 8 weeks and the clients were thrilled with the results.


"Thanks very much for the updated facility at the WACA. We are very excited with the new wickets and very keen to finalize the hybrid wicket installation."

- Justin Langer, Current Head Coach of Western Australian Cricket, Assistant Coach of the Australian Cricket Team.