At Gabba Sporting Products we live and breathe all things cricket. Our passion is to do our part in promoting the code through the provision of high-quality products and facilities suitable for all grades of athlete.

From the grass-roots clubs through to professional level training facilities and stadiums, we want our products to support the growth of the sport and the level to which it is played.

Cricket Surfaces

We offer a number of professional grade artificial grass options for general installations.

ProductMaterialPile HeightTuft lengthStitch RateInfo Sheet
SHIELDPolyethylene yarn9.5mm24mm300 s/mDownload
SUPER SHIELDPolyethylene yarn9.5mm22mm360 s/mDownload
TESTPolyethylene yarn12mm27mm360 s/mDownload

Gabba synthetic cricket wickets are trusted by first class facilities around the world, from the newly constructed Victorian Cricket and Community Centre in Melbourne, to the Dubai Sports City Complex in the UAE. All our wickets are quality controlled and backed with a product warranty.

All options are suitable for individual wicket installation or to provide full facility cover. They give a high-quality playing surface and are specifically designed to mimic the ball bounce of real turf.

Within these options we also offer sewn parallel white crease lines. By incorporating white lines of artificial turf within the roll, you can mark out your facility or wicket without the use of paint. This is visually more appealing and reduces the maintenance needs of the surface.

Specialised Pitches

Beige Cricket Wicket

Our beige cricket wicket is made to the same specifications as our TEST surface, using quality raw materials with the highest possible industry UV stabilisation. As does the TEST surface, this wicket gives realistic ball bounce with consistency, increasing the safety for the batsmen. The beige colouring gives look of a natural wicket, increases contrast to the surrounds for improved bowling performance, and is aesthetically pleasing against natural turf or against the rich Gum Tree Green of our standard surfacing.

Beige Cricket Wicket

Cricket Pitch Map

Our cricket pitch map surface is ideal for a facility catering to a wide range of athletic ability. The surface itself is made to the same specifications as our TEST surface. Zones are coloured to give the bowler enhanced visual feedback of their performance. Not just perfect for a beginner, this surface also offers great benefit to the more experienced developing bowler, giving improved visual feedback so they can better hone their skills. Combine our Pitch Map surface with a passionate bowler and watch as they progressively improve their bowling accuracy.

Cricket Pitch Map

Spin Wicket

Our spin wicket is a feat of sporting technology and state-of-the-art engineering. Made from a specialised rubber composite, this surface replicates the roughened condition of the pitch following the preparation of the surface by the preceding fast bowlers. This roughened wicket provides the extra grip spinners need for maximum performance.

This wicket is an absolute must for training facilities looking to cater for spin bowlers.

Spin Wicket

Cricket Field wickets

We offer a premium range of TEST and SHIELD surfaced standard wickets in custom sizes. A Majority of Councils, Schools, Clubs, associations & building contractors are installing 9 foot (3.66m) wide wickets which are now classed as a standard size. 6 foot (1.83m) wickets are also available, although are much less popular than the 9 foot wickets and are mainly used to save on cost or for junior fields. We also offer a range of speciality field wickets.

Hybrid H3 Wicket

Our Hybrid H3 wicket combines the qualities of a natural and a synthetic pitch. This innovative design uses a high-quality synthetic grass filled with natural soil, smoothed to below the level of the pile height. The result is a low maintenance surface that is fast to prepare, but responds to changes in the moisture content in the soil, allowing the Bounce, Seam and Spin of a natural pitch.

The variations mimicked by this wicket are very similar to the spin-friendly pitches prepared in the subcontinent. Installed in the Bupa National Cricket Centre in Brisbane, this wicket has been used by the Australian team in preparations for campaigns overseas.

Spin Wicket

Drop-In Wickets

Our Drop-In Wickets are the perfect option for a multipurpose facility wanting to make alternate use of their grounds outside the cricket season. These wickets are positioned at the start of the cricket season, and can then be lifted out during the off-season to facilitate other sporting activities.

These can be made in either junior or senior sizes, and with your choice of TEST or SHIELD surfacing.

Junior Drop-In Wicket - 22m x 2m
Senior Drop-In Wicket - 24m x 2.4m

Spin Wicket

Cricket Netting

At Gabba Sporting Products, we offer a wide range of cricket facility netting. Our netting is durable, UV stabilised and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Available in 36-60ply, we tailor the colour, density and dimensions of the netting to suit the needs of your facility. All framework is custom made in-house, and we also offer custom built retractable netting solutions, allowing you to gain total access of the facility for training drills or functions.

Cricket Facility NettingBraided High Density Polyethylene36ply, 48ply, 60ply48mm mesh sizeBlack, white and Green

Cricket Facilities

Gabba Sporting Products are one of Australia’s leading suppliers of sports netting and surfaces. We are trusted by first class facilities around the world, from the newly constructed Victorian Cricket and Community Centre in Melbourne to Dubai Sports City in the UAE. Gabba Sporting Products are proud to bring the best technology to every grade of cricket.

Single Lane Netting2 Lane Netting3 Lane Netting4 Lane Netting5 to 6 Lane Netting

Project Showcase - Victorian Cricket and Community Centre

Located in Melbourne, the VCCC project included three outdoor wings totaling 12 lanes and one indoor facility with 10 lanes.

Outdoor Turf Block

Each wing covers an area of 1,000 square meters with 6.5m cages suspended over turf wickets. Designed by us as a postless system the cages are suspended by retractable cables so the lanes can be moved to the side with ease. This allows the groundsman to tend to the turf wickets easily and position the lanes to give certain areas a rest period.

Indoor Facility

The 2,500 square meter Indoor center is surfaced with Gabba Grass 13mm TEST 300. Four of the lane nets can retract to create 2 indoor cricket courts. Gabba Beige Test wickets are installed in all permanent lanes and in the center lane for the indoor courts.