For a professional golf facility, Gabba Sporting Products offers a variety of products. For the course we offer customisable barrier netting, and for the driving range we offer netting and synthetic turf. If you’re interested in practice facilities, we offer full construction of indoor and outdoor facilities including netting, framework and synthetic turf.

Barrier Netting

A professional golf facility needs high quality barrier netting. At Gabba Sporting Products we offer the supply, delivery and installation of purpose-built perimeter and barrier netting to reduce ball loss, risk of injury, and property damage.

The netting we recommend is purpose built and made of a professional grade high density polyethylene. This material does not absorb water, making it ideal for use in permanent, large-scale outdoor installations.

Golf barrier nettingKnotted High Density Polyethylene1820mm s/mBlack

In addition to the supply of the netting, we custom-make all rigging and steelwork in-house, and offer full delivery and installation.

Contact us for professional advice on how to best utilise perimeter and barrier netting at your facility.

Golf Barrier Netting Headland Golf ClubGolf Barrier Netting Headland Golf Club
Golf Barrier Netting, 21m by 150mGolf Barrier Netting, 21m by 150m

In order to protect your patrons and your facility, we recommend the use of our golf barrier netting as perimeter netting around your driving range.

Golf barrier nettingKnotted High Density Polyethylene18ply20mm square meshBlack

Burleigh Golf Club

Headland Golf Club

Driving Ranges and Practice Facilities

In the case of practice facilities, we recommend the use of golf impact netting. This knotless UV treated netting has high ply and a thicker twine diameter than barrier netting, making it suitable to withstand direct impact from high speed driving shots.

Golf impact nettingKnotless Nylon108ply20mm square meshBlack
Golf practice nets

In all cases, we offer a consultation service to help you best determine the design and layout to get the most out of your facility. We also supply, deliver and install all required components, and fashion all required framework in-house to suit your needs.


When it comes to the surfacing of driving bays and practice facilities, Gabba Sporting Products offers two options of professional grade synthetic turf.

SHIELD synthetic turf is a Polyethylene turf with a pile height of 9.5mm, tuft length of 24mm, and a stitch rate of 300s/m. This synthetic turf is UV stabilised with industry-leading technology and made from good quality raw materials.

TEST synthetic turf is also a Polyethylene turf. Whilst made of the same materials as SHIELD, TEST comprises a higher stitch rate of 360s/m, and higher pile height of 12mm, providing increased durability.

ProductMaterialPile HeightTuft LengthStitch Rate
SHIELDPolyethylene yarn9.5mm24mm300 s/m
TESTPolyethylene yarn12mm27mm360 s/m