At Gabba Sporting Products we are excited to offer high quality, baseball-specific products. We are proud to have recently sponsored the Brut Australian Baseball League opening series, where we created an impressive and attractive array of barrier netting to protect the spectators.

Baseball Facilities

For practice areas, including indoor and outdoor batting cages, we offer supply, delivery and installation of all required components, including; surfacing, netting and steelwork. We provide solutions starting from single batting cages through to multi-lane, purpose training facilities. We can customise our work to get the most of your facility, or, for reduced cost, we offer a range of premade batting cages.

Bannister Park, Hendra

Recently designed engineered and constructed by our team in time for baseball season. These 2 lane big league baseball batting cages incorporate twin batting tunnels, baffles and insert batting mats along with exclusive ABL approved baseball surface. The home of Baseball Queensland and the Brisbane Bandits.

Baseball Netting

When it comes to baseball, you need netting that can withstand the wear and tear of the heavy hitters. By using our baseball netting, you can ensure a facility that maximises safety and durability. We recommend the use of 60 ply netting on the sides and roof of the cage for maximum safety. This netting is UV stabilised and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. We can further customise netting to include baffles and create door slits and openings for pitching machines.

The specifications of our baseball netting can be viewed in the table below. All posts and steelwork are custom-made in house to suit your needs.

Baseball Netting
ProductMaterialTwine thicknessPlyDimensionsGSMColour
Baseball Knotted MeshNylon2.5mm6045mm square mesh105Black

Baseball Surfacing

For surfacing of baseball facilities, we recommend the use of our Australian Baseball League approved G30G synthetic turf. This non-infill synthetic turf contains monofiliament yarn which is reinforced by a polyethylene rootzone. This means that sand or rubber infill is not required, but the natural feel of the surface is maintained, and the product remains durable and suitable for baseball cleats.

This UV resistant, fire-retardant turf is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Baseball Surface
ProductMaterialPile HeightStitch RateFillRoll Dimensions
G30G Synthetic TurfPolyethylene monofilament30mm210 s/mNon-infilling4m x 25m

Barrier Netting

For game-play we offer barrier netting, custom made to suit your facility - from club baseball and softball fields, all the way through to full stadium fit-outs. This includes overhead and perimeter netting. We offer supply, delivery and installation, including in-house manufacturing of required posts and steelwork.

For the details of our recommended baseball/softball perimeter netting see the table below. In general, we recommend a higher ply netting for maximum strength to ensure the safety of spectators.

This netting is UV resistant, strong, and suitable for permanent outdoor installation.

ABL Sponsorship

We were proud sponsors of the opening series of the Brut Australian Baseball League. Brisbane Bandits vs Adelaide Bite Baseball Club.