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H3 Hybrid Cricket Pitch Installation & Construction in Australia

Experience Next-Level Cricket with the installation of Gabba's H3 Hybrid Pitch!

Step into the future of cricket with our H3 hybrid cricket pitch installation service in australia. You can rest assured that you are getting the best cricket pitch construction services from us. Whether you’re a professional or a passionate enthusiast, our revolutionary hybrid turf provides an exceptional playing experience, combining tradition with innovation.
If you are an associate playing nation, club, or cricket administrator looking for a surface that combines the best of both natural and synthetic turf materials, look no further than the Gabba’s hybrid cricket pitch.

What is the Gabba H3 Hybrid Pitch?​

The award winning H3 Hybrid Pitch combines high quality synthetic grass and natural cricket wicket clay to offer an exceptional playing surface. This unique blend not only ensures realistic bounce, seam, and spin but also provides a low maintenance and cost-effective surface that is perfect for practice, matches, and tournaments. Installation of H3 hybrid cricket pitches is an ideal alternative to traditional turf pitches due to their longevity and superior durability.
h3 hybrid cricket pitch

Testimonials from Experts and Players on the H3 Hybrid Cricket Pitch

Take a look at the following feedback and testimonials from players and experts who have tried the H3 Hybrid Cricket Pitch:
Lords Indoor Sports
Lords Indoor Sports
It's our pleasure of experiencing the top-notch quality of Gabba Sporting Products at Lords Indoor Sports. The turfs and nets installed by Gabba have transformed our indoor arena, elevating both the aesthetics and functionality of our sports facility. A special shoutout to Mitch and Dustin for their remarkable customer service. Their prompt responses and attention to our needs were beyond impressive. It's rare to encounter such dedicated and customer-focused professionals in the industry. The quality of the products installed by Gabba is unparalleled. The durability and precision in their work truly stand out, making them a cut above the rest. Whether it's the nets or high-quality turf, every aspect of their installation speaks volumes of their commitment to excellence. For anyone seeking premium sports facility solutions, We can't recommend Gabba Sporting Products highly enough. Their blend of exceptional service and superior product quality sets a new benchmark in the industry. Thank you, Gabba, for enhancing our sports experience at Lords Indoor Sports! Lords Indoor Sports Management
Tony Hemming
Tony Hemming
Gabba know how to design with the clients ideas in mind. The won’t waiver on quality and installation on each project. I would have no hesitation to recommend gabba for you next sporting surface, netting and complete package any where in the world.
Dustin Gaskell
Dustin Gaskell
One stop shop for all sporting facilities and netting requirements.
The Eastwood Boys
The Eastwood Boys
Very professional, communication excellent , timely delivery and a quality facility
Subbu Sharma
Subbu Sharma
Dustin and Team (Front Office) have been terrific throughout. They shipped the world class product on time to Toronto (Canada) and were very thorough in their work. We, Durham Cricket Arena, are very happy with the Gabba Products and their services. We are expanding our business soon and definitely using their products at our new facility. Thank you Dustin and team for all your help and support. Wish you and your team a very best. Cheers!
greg gromono
greg gromono
Premium sport equipment manufacturers
Nudgee Golf Club Inc.
Nudgee Golf Club Inc.
Our experience with Gabba Sporting Products has been seamless from the first meeting to sign off. Every stage was explained in detail and delivered the same. Our end result is perfect. Thank you and well done to the team.
We recently used GABBA for a 5 net refurbishment at the Southport Labrador Cricket Club. Very happy with the service and product. Can highly recommend.

“The PCA endorses this Pitch technology as it believes this is the future best practice way of achieving a turf wicket at every club with the district.” – Terry Arnold, President Peel Cricket Association WA

“As both a player and coach, it is great to be able to play and train regularly on a consistent surface that offers something for both bat and ball.” – Rusty Theron, USA National Team Player and MLC Academy Bay Area Head Coach

“It is important to train and play on quality, consistent turf-like surfaces in order to increase the standard of cricket in the US. The Hybrid wicket represents a step in the right direction.” – Unmukt Chand, Former India U19 Winning Captain and Captain, Silicon Valley Strikers

“Given the climate in the North-West, it is difficult to maintain turf wickets. The Hybrid Pitch presents an opportunity for high-quality players in the region to play more on surfaces that behave like a turf wicket.” – Smit Patel, MLC Contracted Player and Captain, Manhattan Yorkers

“This has the capacity to change the game here in the US, particularly in areas where the climate prevents maintaining turf wickets. I am looking forward to the next time I can play and train on this surface.” – Liam Plunkett, 2019 World Cup Winner (England) and Captain, The Philadelphians

“This partnership represents a watershed moment for cricket infrastructure in the United States. Given the challenges associated with installing, preparing, and maintaining turf wickets, the H3 Hybrid Pitch supplied by our partners at Gabba Sporting Products has the potential to benefit cricketers at all levels of the sport across the country.” – Justin Geal, Vice President of MLC Cricket

“As an organisation we are interested in the benefits innovation can give our volunteers. In principle, hybrid wickets will reduce the cost of maintenance on wicket blocks & more importantly save voluntary man hours on preparation times. In a climate where high amounts of rainfall are expected during our playing season, having a wicket that can be prepared in a matter of hours, rather than days, will increase participation rates across the state.” – Sam Curtis, State Infrastructure Manager, Queensland Cricket

Testimonial from a highly qualified pitch curator

Jarrod Bird, the head curator at Allan Border Field in Brisbane, Australia, has extensive experience preparing turf facilities for Cricket Australia and Queensland Cricket. He was one of the first people in the country to install and prepare an H3 Hybrid wicket, and has praised the surface for its ability to replicate conditions found in the subcontinent.

According to Bird, the H3 Hybrid Pitch enabled Australian cricketers to practice on a surface conducive to spin when touring to countries like India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. The ability to mimic these conditions with such accuracy was a major breakthrough, allowing players to prepare for international cricket in the best possible way.

Moreover, Bird pointed out that synthetic cricket pitches can be constructed quickly, making them an excellent option for regional venues who wish to move away from traditional turf and synthetic grass wickets.

Showcase of the H3 Hybrid Cricket Pitch in Action

Current Hybrid Pitch Installation Locations

  • Alan Border Field, Brisbane, Queensland
  • Townsville Cricket Association, Queensland
  • Ingham Showground, Townsville, Queensland
  • Bowen Cricket Association, Townsville, Queensland
  • Blacktown Olympic Park, Cricket NSW, New South Wales
  • Peel Cricket Association, Western Australia
  • Vanuatu Cricket Association
  • Malawi Cricket Association x 2 Installations current
  • ICCA, Dubai

Cricket USA/MLC Cricket Preferred Supplier With a total of 22 x Gabba H3 Hybrid cricket pitches set to be installed across the region by the end of the 2023 season, so far a total of 7 have been installed, the most recent being:

  • ACA Park St Louis
  • South Elgin Sports Field Chicago
  • Prairie View Playing Fields Houston
  • Morgan Hill Sports Complex San Jose


Over the last 10 years the Pitch has endured the desert elements and has been used over 1000 + hours. We have taken clegg hammer readings of 300gravitates and compared them with our readings from both artificial cricket pitches & Natural turf cricket pitches. Hybrid cricket pitches can get very hard, like third-day test pitches. By using different clays each pitch can change its characteristics to its home ground advantage.

We have had professional teams like Kent, Lancashire, Durham, Indian Premier League teams, ICC Associate countries and international teams such as Pakistan, England, South Africa, Sri Lanka. All have been positive in comments, England coach Peter Moore’s “It’s amazing this had not been tried before, it really challenges the batmen & bowlers”.

Independant Testing

Evaluating Hybrid Turf Pitches for Community Cricket: Preliminary Report prepared by Jonathan Connor – for CRICKET AUSTRALIA



The average age of respondents (i.e. players) was 37.5yrs (± 14.2), and represented a mix of predominately amateur senior grade (66.7%), and masters players (29.6%), with few juniors (3.7%). Overall, there was a reasonable equivalence between a number of contextual factors that may influence responses, such as match outcome, dominant skill of player, and game time (Table 1). However, it is noted that bowlers were the most represented players (> 50%), while batters and wicketkeepers were in the minority.

Table 1. Dominant skill, match outcome and game time of all respondents completing
a questionnaire on the suitability of the hybrid pitch.


Dominant Skill Match outcome Game time
Batter 33.3% Win 40.7% Morning 55.6%
Bowler 55.6% Loss 59.3% Afternoon 44.4%
Wicketkeeper 11.1% Draw 0.0%


Players were asked to report their perceptions of the speed of the ball off the pitch (e.g., fast, slow), the bounce height (e.g., high, low), and the number of lateral deviations (i.e., turn, spin) occurring when contacting the pitch (e.g., minimal, severe). In regard to the speed of the ball off the pitch, most players (58%) reported encountering a moderate ball speed, while 19% of players either reported the pitch being slightly faster (19%) or slightly slower (19%). In regard to ball bounce height, 42% reported experiencing a standard bounce height, while fewer reported a slightly lower (31%) or slightly higher (15%) bounce height than normal.

Finally, the majority of participants (42%) reported a standard level, or less than standard level (35%) of lateral deviation (e.g., spin, turn) off the pitch, while few players reported more than standard amounts of lateral deviation occurring (15%). No players in this group indicated they experienced severe levels of lateral deviation (Figure 1).

Dimentions for Pitch

Figure 1. Percentage of respondents (players) and their descriptions of the speed of the pitch (slow to fast), bounce height (low to high) and number of lateral deviations (spin; minimal to severe).


Consistency was rated reasonably highly across all four (4) metrics. These metrics included pace of the ball off pitch, bounce height of the ball off the pitch, amount of spin (i.e. turn) of the ball off the pitch, and whether the breakup of the pitch surface was consistent (Figure 2).


Figure 2. Average score of respondents (scale 0 to 5) and their rating of the consistency of the pitch; in relation to pace off the pitch, bounce height, spin, and pitch break up (e.g., cracks appearing).

H3 Hybrid Cricket turf Development

Gabba Offers Multi-Sport Netting Services Too

We offer a range of nets that are crafted for various sports, ensuring flexibility and quality for both training facilities and recreational spaces. With Gabba, you can expect reliable, high-performance sports netting for a wide range of athletic pursuits.

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